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smilogy, a new player in the Singapore market, stands to boost accessibility with its competitively priced packages and remote scanning, allowing patients to progress with their treatment with reduced follow-up visits to the dentist. Its clear aligners come with remote scanning artificial intelligence (AI) technology, so patients scan when and where they choose, while making real progress towards their smile goals. It will be exclusively available at Oracare Group, one of the largest dental groups in South East Asia.

With smilogy’s clear aligners with AI integrated technology, patients can reduce their in-clinic appointments by using the included ScanBox Pro and secure DentalMonitoring app to submit their remote teeth scans for their dentist’s review. Its prices start from S$2,800 which includes the ScanBox Pro unit.

The fast progress of remote monitoring allows patients to move onto their next aligner stage promptly. The in-app communication means clinical guidance can be offered when a scan suggests longer wearing of a particular aligner or the patient’s method of seating their aligners may need improvement. For further intervention required, an in-person appointment can be made to maintain patient care.

The launch of smilogy in Singapore allows patients to receive their custom-made clear aligners in two weeks from initial consultation, and then they can embark on their smilogy clear aligners journey at Oracare Group clinics.

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