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More than two decades ago, Dr. Adisorn Hanworawong was manning his family-run business, Miracle of Smile (MOS) Dental Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. With 14 clinics then, Adisorn was overwhelmed with the needs of the growing business, such as marketing and human resources, to a point that they were already in a ‘glass ceiling.’

This is where Oracare Group, a Singapore-based dental group operator, stepped in to help MOS Dental in its corporate operations and add nine more clinics to expand the Thailand-based clinic’s footprint. Andy Cropp, Oracare Group’s chief financial officer, said their expertise in finance, healthcare management, marketing, and human resources provided stronger foundations for MOS Dental.

“It’s really about joining forces with other dental entrepreneurs. Getting behind them and helping unlock that potential where maybe their natural trajectory sort of plateaued,” said Cropp

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