Opening a Dental Practice

Given the shortage of dentists and the ageing population in Singapore, the demand for dental services has been increasing steadily. Starting a dental practice here can thus be a lucrative decision if properly executed with the right means and methods.

How to Start a Dental Practice


Dental professionals with a local degree are fully and automatically registered into the Ministry of Health’s database. Foreign dentists, however, have to apply for conditional registration to practise in Singapore.

Registration of Business

You need to register your clinic as a business entity with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) before applying for more licenses and permits. The name of the clinic must be in accordance with ACRA’s rules and have the words “Dental Clinic” or “Dental Centre” as part of its name.

Application of Licenses and Permits

There are several licenses and permits that are required to open a dental practice here, such as (but not limited to):

  • Premises approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • Renovation Permits, Temporary Occupation Permits, Advertising or Signboard Licence from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
  • Certificate of Registration of a Pharmacy to dispense medicine from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
  • L3 Licences for each irradiating equipment from the relevant National Environment Agency (NEA) departments
  • Medisave Accreditation for patients to make Medisave claims from MOH
  • Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) from the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) Fire Safety Department

How to Grow a Dental Practice

Growing a dental practice is akin to growing a service-based business. Effective marketing, exceptional customer service, and keeping up with all the latest technological and medical trends are required. With so many intricacies involved, one can even say that growing a dental practice is more challenging than setting up one.

That is why we at Oracare Group provide an entire suite of expert services to support emerging and existing dental entrepreneurs alike. Leveraging on technology and digital innovation, we help our clinics streamline and optimise clinic operations to provide exceptional dental care and positive patient outcomes.

Dental Partnerships with Oracare

Join forces with Oracare to be part of our regional group of dental professionals. Our corporate dental companies share a passion for aspirational expansion plans and superior customer satisfaction.