Oracare Group Services — Dental Practice Consulting, Process Optimization, HR Help, and More

Dentistry is a challenging profession to truly master. Merely possessing technical perfection isn’t quite enough.

To be successful, dentists have to be more than just an expert clinician; they have to be businesspeople, managers, strategists, tech experts, accountants…essentially all the parts that make any good business work—a near impossible feat.

And that is exactly why Oracare Group was formed. To aide and empower dental entrepreneurs around the globe in their pursuit of success, through our expertly curated suite of specialized services.

Dental Practice & Management Consulting

All dental clinics under Oracare Group are given access to our expert dental practice and management consulting services.

Our dental office consulting services offers professional insight, advice, and advancements for the existing systems you have in place. By improving upon current systems and further defining new ones, Oracare Group will help you create and continuously adapt the right business structure and culture to maximize practice efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

But Oracare Group is more than just a dental office consultant.

Process Optimization

We are also a leading expert in dentistry process optimization. By joining Oracare Group, you will be given access to our implementation of best practice operational systems that promise superior customer experience through enhancing the patient journey.

HR Help & Training

As a clinic of Oracare Group, you will also get to enjoy the handover of day-to-day administrative tasks and processes, such that you are freed up to focus on the things that require your expert attention.


Oracare Group also provides our clinics with financial help and advice, be it cost reduction through group efficiencies in operational and cost synergies, or even capital investments for the newest dental equipment and technologies that can enable dental excellence and any aspirational expansion plans you may contemplate.

Joining Oracare Group

Oracare Group currently features 62 dental clinics, 652 staff members, and more than 300,000 annual patient visits.

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