Medical and Dental Investment in Singapore

The healthcare industry is one of the strongest sectors in Singapore. After all, given the country’s ageing population, the demand for dental services has only been increasing, and is set to continue doing so.

This, coupled with a shortage of dental equipment suppliers and services in Singapore, spells significant growth outlook with regards to dental investments in Singapore.

Healthcare Investment in Southeast Asia

The current healthcare investment trends in Southeast Asia largely revolve around digital innovation.

Likewise, the dental scene is seeing much reshaping, with most to do with technology adoption, consolidation amongst industry players, and the usage of quality entry-level solution software as a cost-saving strategy.

Oracare Group embraces and looks to lead these trends, through bringing together reputable dental practices and equipping them with advanced digital solutions, continual process optimization, and swift adaptation to new treatment standards.

Oracare Group is currently backed by private investment firm, White Cloud Capital.

Partners of Oracare Group

Oracare has established dental partners in three different countries across the region. Having grown to now encompass 43 clinics across Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, our brands have accumulated a wealth of experience in dental entrepreneurship and practices.

Investing in us is as good as investing in healthcare across the region.

Below is a list of our current partner clinics:

Expat Dental

A group of exceptional dentists and hygienists who are committed to provide holistic dental care by embracing digital dentistry. Expat Dental runs two successful clinics in Singapore.

Family Dental Centre

A network of clinics in Singapore that are digitally connected to ensure convenience and comfort for their customers. The Family Dental currently operates 14 clinics seamlessly and was Oracare Group’s first partner in Singapore.

A2Z Dental & Medical Supplies

Our supplier for dental equipment in Singapore ensures that the 16 clinics we manage here are always equipped with the best dental materials and supplies needed to provide exceptional service to their customers.

MOS Dental

After MOS Dental in Thailand joined hands with Oracare Group, they experienced rapid expansion from 14 to 26 clinics. MOS Dental is now a renowned market leader in Thailand.

Tawa Dental Studio

Oracare Group’s first step into the Indonesia market was made via Tawa Dental Studio, bringing in international practitioners to head the clinic.

Medical & Dental Investment with Oracare Group

We are proud to have developed our successful regional group by partnering with both established and emerging dentist entrepreneurs who strive for excellence. Join us and invest in the future of this regional group and the dental industry as a whole.