Discover An Invaluable Partnership With Us

Our partnership approach is to de-risk founders through acquiring a majority stake in their business whilst allowing them to enjoy the upsides of being part of an established healthcare organisation.  Benefits to business joining the Oracare Group include operational synergies, removal of day-to-day administrative burdens as well as the implementation of systems and processes such as recruitment and people development.  We also look to invest to push the boundaries of dental excellence, be that in latest dental equipment technologies or through embracing digitisation such as tele-dentistry to enhance the patient experience.

So whether you are an individual owner of a clinic or a company of multiple clinics looking to fulfil your ambitions, or simply keen to join an ambitious and professional dental group in the region, please reach us at

Partner Benefits:

Access to Technology & Innovation especially in the area of Digital Dentistry
Centralised Support for operations and administrations, human resources, marketing and more.
Support on Clinical and Corporate Governance In Areas of Talent Growth & Management
Invested Capital for Growth for Local Dentist Clinics
Better Patient Experience through Structured Customer Service Framework
Patient Accessibility Within The Heartlands
Quality Dental Care Made Affordable